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== PCB Pictures ==
[[Image:Lacie edmini gigabit bd top big.jpg|thumb|left]]
[[Image:Lacie edmini gigabit assy big.jpg|thumb|left]]

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Ethernet Disk mini.jpg
Ethernet Disk mini
CPU ARM9 based, Marvell like the LSPro?
Flash ROM
Other disk status LED, shut down button (blue button on front side), network status lights on ethernet plug
USB USB 2.0: 1 port for USB mass storage, 1 port for network over USB (alternative to gigabit ethernet interface)
internal HDD 3.5 inch SATA
SATA Controller
Drive Capacity 320 / 500 / 750 GB
Fan one, seems to be temp. controlled

PCB Pictures

Lacie edmini gigabit bd top big.jpg
Lacie edmini gigabit assy big.jpg

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