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| SUNON GM1235PFV2-8 12VDC 0.5W
| SUNON GM1235PFV2-8 12VDC 0.5W
== PCB Pictures ==
its not possible to identify all the chips with the images from below. someone with a EBD should either take better high res pics to help identify all chips/function.
[[Image:Image-Lacie ebd board big.jpg|thumb|left|Board Backside]]
[[Image:lacie_ebd_internal_big.jpg|thumb|left|Board Frontside]]
[[Image:lacie_ebd_board_components_front.JPG|thumb|left|Board Components Front]]
[[Image:lacie_ebd_board_components_back.JPG|thumb|left|Board Components Back]]

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Ethernet Big Disk.jpg
Ethernet Big Disk
CPU Marvell Orion 88f5182-A2 C400 (400 MHz)
RAM 2x 32 MB DDR-333/400 Nanya NT5DS16M16CS-ST
Flash ROM MX 29LV400CBTC-70G
Other XILINX XC9536Xl , TI(?) ALVCH162260
NIC Marvell 88E1116-NNC1
internal HDD 2 x SAMSUNG HD501LJ
SATA Controller
Drive Capacity 2 x 500GB/7200rpm/16M
Fan SUNON GM1235PFV2-8 12VDC 0.5W

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