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It looks like this device is based on the Edmini drive from LaCie. Browsing it, I could see several 'edmini'-related files.

  • mt-daapd runs on port 6689, visit <<LACIEIP>>:6689, log in with default user <anything> and default password 'sLPoe243'

Gaining root SSH access

Remove the casing, and connect the harddrive to a Linux pc. Make sure you browse to the partition of about 3.1GB in size. (presumably /dev/sb1) This is the boot-partition. Somehow, only root can connect through SSH, so we should give the user root a password. This is done in the file /etc/shadow I copied the password from the user I created when first installing the LaCie Internet Space, so I knew that would work. That's it. Hook the drive up again, and now you can connect via SSH: ssh root@<LACIE IP>

guido@HTPC:~$ ssh root@
Axentra HipServ version 10.0.x
root@'s password:

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