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Thank you, guys, for making this new wiki. I have been suffering from the ignorance at LaCie customer service, nevertheless their hardware is in a way neat. Let's hope that this wiki will help to cut that suffering. I have successfully altered my two edminis, they are now, like modified linkstations and the kuroboxes, useful, silent, relatively inexpensive servers.

My experiences with the single disk edmini V2 are rather good, I'll post them soon. However, the dual disk version of the edmini V2 , sold as ethernet big disk, caused me a lot of trouble while being unmodified. In a modified condition it might be turned into a useful device as well.

According to information from LaCie, adding alternative OSes to the Ethernet Disk is possible. It is a windows CE (?) system and basically a normal server / workstation. It is, in my opinion, not a typical "NAS only" device.

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