Ethernet Big Disk:Factory Reset

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If the web administration can not be accessed.

The button on the front of the drive can be pressed in a specific sequence.

  • Switch OFF the Ethernet Disk by holding the button until it begins flashing in a pattern. Release the button, and it will shut off shortly afterward.
  • Press and hold the power button. After a few seconds the light should begin to blink. Release the button.
  • Quickly after releasing the button (within ~3 seconds), the LED will blink, but at a different rhythm. Press and hold the button again.
  • The light will switch to a third rhythm. Release the button. It is now using the factory-installed firmware.

Regardless of the method used, all users and shares on the system are lost. The data is still on the drive, however. To restore the data, recreate the users and shares with their original names (through the Users, and Shares tabs, respectively.)