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There are actually two versions of the Networkspace 2, the 'Classic' (my name, not Lacie's) and the 'Lite' (Lacie's name). The difference is visible on the bottom.

Network Space.jpg
Name NetworkSpace 2 'Classic' NetworkSpace 2 Lite
Cpu MV88F6281 Kirkwood (800 MHz) (ARM926EJS) MV88F6192-A1 Kirkwood 800MHz
Ram 256MB running at 400 MHz and 16-bit bus 128MB 16 bit bus
Flash rom 512kB (uBoot) 512kB (uBoot)
Other Contains same serial header as EDMini V2 to control U-Boot
Nic 1 Gbit 1 Gbit
Usb 1 host on front and one slave on back 1 host on front and one slave on back
Internal hdd 1 Tb Hitachi or Samsung HD103SI
Sata 1x 1x
Capacity 1 or 2 Tb depending on config Maybe >2TB
Fan No, but needs it
Kernel 2.6.22 /


System data

Enabling SSH root access

There are various methods to obtain root access to the Network Space 2 through SSH:

Method Links Firmware versions Requirements
Through creating a custom capsule wiki
All, up to Linux. (Could be the box itself, if you already rooted it, and want to update the firmware).
Using a symlink on an USB-stick wiki for 1.9.2-2.0.5

forum for 2.2.8

Confirmed on 1.9.2, 1.9.92, 2.0.5, 2.2.8. Linux/Mac OS.
Through a web vulnerability wiki Confirmed on 1.2.6 - 1.2.9; Does not work on 1.2.92 or newer. None.
Through uploading a PHP script wiki Does not work on 1.2.6 or newer. None.
With disassembling wiki All Screw driver,Linux system with possibility to connect the disk

Installing additional software

There are basically two ways to install additional software. For both, you will need ssh root access.

  • Through a Debian 'Squeeze' Chroot Environment

The procedure works as for the 2big Network 2.

At the same page, there is also information about installing additional software.

  • There is an ongoing effort to install mldonkey and more optware packages into your Network Space 2.

Please join this topic if you want to test/help.

Installing kernel modules

It is possible to install kernel modules.

Reset device

It is possible to reset the device.